Literary estates and archives in Italian

Alice Ceresa, Bambine
Heft mit handschriftlichen Notizen von Alice Ceresa für ihren Roman «Bambine» von 1990, der 1991 in deutscher Übersetzung von Maja Pflug erschien.

In addition to various manuscripts in Italian that were collected before the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) were established, Giovanni Orelli’s donation of his literary archive opened the way for a more comprehensive collection of manuscripts by contemporary authors writing in Italian. Over recent decades, the SLA have expanded this collection to include the archives and literary estates of various individuals who document the different literary trends and rich creativity of writers in a multifarious cultural space. The holdings also include writings by practitioners from the Italian cultural scene in general.

The collections in focus

In the following list you will find holdings in Italian for which additional information is available or that are the subject of ongoing or completed research projects or publications. This list is updated regularly.

All collections in Italian

** = entire fond (as far as surviving or known)
* = partial fond

Verzeichnis der italienischsprachigen Dokumente in verschiedenen weiteren Beständen:

Holding descriptions

A description of the holdings of the following authors can be found in HelveticArchives (archives whose inventories are only available on request or are currently being processed):

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