Literary estates and archives in Romansh

Manuscript frontispiece of the poetry album by P. Alexander Lozza, who was educated in Genoa and so initially wrote in Italian.

Since 1991 the Swiss Literary Archives have amassed an important collection of materials representing the various groupings within the world of Romansh literature and documenting their work during the 20th century. Relevant materials are added to the collection on an ongoing basis. Reflecting the wide-ranging activities of the various generations of authors, the Romansh literary estates and archives also include numerous letters and other archival records that link this small cultural group to the rest of Switzerland and the wider world.

Collections in the Romansh language

** = entire fond (as far as surviving or known)
* = partial fond


Ausschliesslich in HelveticArchives finden Sie Bestandsbeschreibung zu folgenden Autorinnen und Autoren, bei denen die Inventare nur auf Anfrage zugänglich oder die im Moment in Bearbeitung sind:

Interesting holdings for which additional information is available on our website or that are the subject of ongoing or completed research projects or publications. This section is updated regularly.

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