Literary estates and archives in French

Einige Manuskripthefte von Alice Rivaz
Some manuscript books of Alice Rivaz
© NL, Simon Schmid

When the Swiss Literary Archives were established in 1991, they took over the historical holdings of the National Library, including the literary estates of Blaise Cendrars, S. Corinna Bille and Maurice Chappaz, Bertil Galland, Eugène Rambert, Gonzague de Reynold and William Ritter.

Additions to the collection focus primarily on 20th-century writers. Also represented are literary studies and edition history, for example with the literary estate of Georges Poulet and Jean Starobinski and the archive of the Librairie de l’Université de Fribourg (L.U.F.).

Collections in French

** = entire fond (as far as surviving or known)
* = partial fond


In HelveticArchives finden Sie Bestandsbeschreibung zu folgenden Autorinnen und Autoren, bei denen die Inventare nur auf Anfage zugänglich oder die im Moment in Bearbeitung sind:

Interesting holdings for which additional information is available on our website or that are the subject of ongoing or completed research projects or publications. This section is updated regularly.

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