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New Director

Eingang NB mit Ausstellung Fleisch

Damian Elsig will be the new director of the NL

Damian Elsig has been appointed director of the Swiss National Library and will take up his post on 16 August 2021.

Annual Report


Annual report 2020

What the NL achieved in 2020, despite the pandemic.


NB mit Bäumen 2016

Corona: the current situation

The library is open to the public. Guided tours for groups of up to 25 people are being allowed. Changes may occur at short notice depending on the course of the pandemic.

Discover the National Library’s collections


Library collections

The collections of the Swiss National Library consist of books, newspapers and periodicals, websites, maps and atlases, university and corporate publications, official publications and printed music.

Image documents

The image documents in the National Library’s Prints and Drawings Department include prints from the 17th to the 20th centuries, photographs, postcards and posters as well as editions/portfolios and books containing original graphic works.

Literary estates and archives

The National Library’s Literary Archives are home to the leading collection of literary estates, libraries and archives from authors of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Audio documents

The Swiss National Sound Archives in Lugano collect sound recordings and preserve them for posterity. They have been archiving Switzerland’s audio heritage and making it available to anyone with an interest since 1987.


Question of the month

The black and white photo shows two women working in the fields, with a lake and open countryside in the background. The older woman on the left of the photo is bending forward and vigorously hoeing. The woman on the right appears to have just completed her movement and is standing up straight holding a hoe. Both women are fully focused on the task at hand.

Mina Hofstetter – farmer and feminist

Mina Hofstetter was a pioneer of animal-free agriculture and a champion of women’s interests in the early 20th century.

Visual treasures

Ruine Haldenstein

Prussian precision maps a ruined castle

In the 1890s, survey photography came to Switzerland, and surveyors began eagerly documenting the nation’s built heritage.

Insights – outlooks

Tokios Jugend

Les destins japonais de Claus et Lucas

Au Japon, dans les années 1990, Agota Kristof connaît avec sa « Trilogie des Jumeaux » une célébrité inattendue. Elle s’y rend en 1995, à la rencontre d’un lectorat fervent.

Press releases

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