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Cultural Programme 2022

Humour, global warming and the influence of technology on writing: a preview of the Swiss National Library's cultural offerings.


NB mit Bäumen 2016

Corona: the current situation

The library, exhibition and events are only accessible to people who are vaccinated or have recovered (the so-called “2G rule”). In addition, masks are compulsory.

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Library collections

The collections of the Swiss National Library consist of books, newspapers and periodicals, websites, maps and atlases, university and corporate publications, official publications and printed music.

Image documents

The collection of the Prints and Drawings Department includes prints from the 17th to 21st centuries, photographs, postcards, posters and artists’ books, as well as documents on historic monument preservation since the end of the 19th century.

Literary estates and archives

The National Library’s Literary Archives are home to the leading collection of literary estates, libraries and archives from authors of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Audio documents

The Swiss National Sound Archives in Lugano collect sound recordings and preserve them for posterity. They have been archiving Switzerland’s audio heritage and making it available to anyone with an interest since 1987.


Question of the month

The Fortune Teller of Guggisberg is a genre picture. It shows a fortune teller in everyday costume reading the palm of a smartly dressed city woman, who wants to know if her wealthy male companion can make her lucky in love. The next customer can be seen in the background: a farmer with his cow which, perhaps, is not giving enough milk.

What does the future hold?

The history of female fortune tellers extends from the sibyls and Biblical prophetesses of Antiquity to the cartomancers of 19th-century Switzerland.

Visual treasures

Linck Teaser

The eternal standard-bearer

Ernst Linck was a leading light of the Bern art scene but as his works steadily disappear, his name is being forgotten.

Insights – outlooks

Aufgetaucht Mani Matter

Die hohe Schule der Einfachheit: Die Entstehung von Mani Matters Lied Hemmige

Als Chansonnier sang er sich auf Dauer ins Liedgut der Schweiz, als Jurist und Denker setzte er sich mit Staatsrecht und Zivilisationsprozess auseinander.

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