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Temporary closure of the library on October 26th 2020

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Temporary closure of the library on October 26th 2020

The stricter corona rules brought in by Canton Bern apply to the National Library from Monday, 26 October 2020. Changes may occur at short notice depending on the course of the pandemic.

Giornata di studio Alice Ceresa

Alice Ceresa con Airdale

Nel mondo di Alice (Ceresa) Scrittura – pensiero – differenza

Giornata di studio digitale, venerdì 30 ottobre 2020, dalle ore 9:30 alle 18:00
Giornata di studio per approfondire l’opera di Alice Ceresa da diverse prospettive. Al termine, incontro con la scrittrice italo-romanda Silvia Ricci Lempen intitolato «Alice Ceresa, la scrittura e il punto di vista femminista».



Sharing. Les bibliothèques et le partage

A partir des nouvelles idées de partage, la Bibliothèque nationale jette un coup d’œil dans ses propres coulisses. (jusqu’au 30.11.2020)

Ringvorlesung Dürrenmatt

Die Welt der Atlasse, 1978

Dürrenmatt von A bis Z. Ringvorlesung im Schweizerischen Literaturarchiv

Vom 17. September bis 17. Dezember 2020 in der Schweizerischen Nationalbibliothek

Live-Stream und Aufzeichnung auf unserem YouTube-Kanal.

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Library collections

The collections of the Swiss National Library consist of books, newspapers and periodicals, websites, maps and atlases, university and corporate publications, official publications and printed music.

Image documents

The image documents in the National Library’s Prints and Drawings Department include prints from the 17th to the 20th centuries, photographs, postcards and posters as well as editions/portfolios and books containing original graphic works.

Literary estates and archives

The National Library’s Literary Archives are home to the leading collection of literary estates, libraries and archives from authors of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Audio documents

The Swiss National Sound Archives in Lugano collect sound recordings and preserve them for posterity. They have been archiving Switzerland’s audio heritage and making it available to anyone with an interest since 1987.


Question of the month

The picture shows the stony monument of the Universal Postal Union on the “Kleine Schanze” in Bern. In the upper left corner you can see the symbol of the Universal Postal Union, which shows different people transmitting letter mail around the globe. On the right side of the picture is a stone figure, which benevolently looks at the hustle and bustle in the upper right corner of the picture. In front of the stone monument a small pond can be seen.

Internationalism and Switzerland

Around 1895, the year in which the Swiss National Library was founded, numerous international organizations based in Switzerland were also established. Why?

In focus

Golo Mann

Golo Mann im SLA

Golo Mann was a German-Swiss historian and writer. His principal works are the "Deutsche Geschichte des 19. Jahrhunderts" and the literary biography "Wallenstein". His estate is held in the Swiss Literary Archives.

My Swiss treasure


Die «Walpurgisnacht» von Albert Welti

Während der Inventarisierung der druckgrafischen Werke von Albert Welti (1862–1912) flackern bei Thomas Zweifel, Hochschulpraktikant in der Graphischen Sammlung der Schweizerischen Nationalbibliothek, alte Kindheitserinnerungen wieder auf.
Und er entdeckt die Einheit im scheinbar widersprüchlichen Werk eines der bedeutendsten Schweizer Malers.

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