Library collections


The National Library’s book collection spans the entire output of Swiss publishers, on paper or in digital form (e-books).

Newspapers and journals

The National Library’s collection of serial publications includes newspapers, magazines and bulletins from Swiss publishers as well as corporations, associations and groups of all kinds.


The National Library collects publicly accessible websites related to Switzerland. The collection is built up in collaboration with the cantonal libraries and with other specialised libraries and archives.

Maps and atlases

The National Library’s collection of maps and atlases offers a comprehensive overview of Swiss cartography from the last 150 years.

Corporate publications

The National Library’s collection of corporate publications includes printed and digital documents from corporations, associations, companies and institutions.

Official publications

The National Library’s collection of official publications covers all documents issued by the federal, cantonal, communal and religious authorities.

University dissertations

The National Library’s collection of university dissertations includes doctoral and post-doctoral theses submitted at universities in Switzerland.

Printed music

The National Library’s collection of printed music includes works that are linked to Switzerland by their publisher, composer or theme.

Artists’ books and editions

The Prints and Drawings Department collects artists’ books, editions and books containing original graphic works as well as special editions as a specific area of contemporary Swiss art from the end of the 19th century to the present day.

Wikipedia articles

The National Library’s Wikipedia collection comprises all articles with a link to Switzerland in the four national languages.


The National Library’s standards collection comprises all the Swiss standards issued by the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV).