Printed music

The Swiss National Library has been collecting printed music since 1918.

Batman by Danny Elfman
Danny Elfman’s score for “Batman” is held by the NL.
© Editions Marc Reift

Content and scope

  • Works published by Swiss music publishers
  • Works of Swiss composers published abroad
  • Musical adaptations of texts by Swiss composers published abroad
  • Published compositions that deal with Switzerland
  • Copies of music manuscripts by members of the Swiss Musicians’ Association SONART (1949–2019)
  • Recordings of music when they are attached to publications. The collection of Swiss music recordings is held at the Swiss National Sound Archives in Lugano.


Collection principles

  • One copy of each publication is deposited and archived
  • On paper 


Research and access

  • Documents listed in Helveticat
  • One issue per year of “The Swiss Book” has been devoted to printed music since 1956.

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