Corporate publications

The extensive collection of corporate publications covers a broad spectrum of the country’s social, political, economic, cultural and sporting life.

Croix-rouge Suisse
The NL’s collection of corporate publications is unique. Here the 2016 annual report of the Swiss Red Cross.
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Content and scope

  • Around 1 million documents from 45,000 entities
  • Documents from corporations, associations, companies and institutions operating at federal, cantonal and local level
  • A wide range of documents: annual reports, articles of association and regulations, prospectuses and catalogues, commemorative brochures, guides and catalogues of festivals, exhibitions and events

Collection principles

  • Collected directly from the various institutions

Research and access

  • A limited number of the documents are listed in Helveticat. Full cataloguing is in progress
  • “V collection” listed in a card index that can be consulted in the NL’s information room
  • Where possible, corporate bodies websites are also collected 

List of corporate publications (in German and French) (XLSX, 2 MB, 10.01.2024)Documents and publications from Swiss corporations or associations, companies, industries, schools and cultural institutions, both cantonal and local. The institutions from which we hold documents are contained in this list.

Last modification 10.01.2024

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