Image documents

Auswahl historischer Fotografien


Since 1917 the National Library has collected photographs, in particular views of places and portraits, from mid-19th-century Daguerreotypes to present-day agency pictures.
Elisabeth Grossmann


The Swiss National Library’s collection of prints includes image documents as well as iconographic and artistic works on geography, customs, cultural and political topics and people in Switzerland.
Barry, 200 Jahre


The Swiss National Library’s poster collection covers Swiss poster production from its earliest days in around 1860 to the present day.
Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Autoportrait, 1982


The collections of the National Library include the images of Friedrich Dürrenmatt and art collections covering the work of Daniel Spoerri, Karl Gerstner, Serge and Doris Stauffer as well as artists’ books.
Aquarell von Wilhelm Lasius

Historic monuments preservation

Architectural history, historic monuments preservation, archaeology, protection of built heritage and landscapes, and folk culture