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Georges Borgeaud
In Ida Gavillet’s medaillon: husband Paul, son Georges Borgeaud and his unknown biological father (from the left)
© NL, Simon Schmid

Originally from the Swiss canton of Valais, Georges Borgeaud (1914–1998) studied in Aubonne, Geneva and Saint-Maurice. For a number of years he made a living teaching and giving private lessons in Switzerland and Belgium. He worked as a bookseller for Payot in Basel and Zurich before the war, then moved to Fribourg and the Librairie de l’Université de Fribourg bookshop and publishing house (LUF) after two years’ military service. He finally settled in Paris in 1946, spending some summers in Gordes and then at his dovecote in Quercy).

He received the Critics’ Award for “Le Préau” (1952) and went on to publish “La Vaisselle des Évêques” in 1959 and “Italiques” in 1969, before obtaining the Prix Renaudot in 1974 for “Le Voyage à l’Etranger. Le Soleil sur Aubiac” (1986–1987) also won a number of accolades, including the Prix Médicis for essays. Georges Borgeaud is also the author of numerous articles and chronicles (notably on painting) that were collected and published in “Mille Feuilles”.

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