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Franco Beltrametti
Portrait of Franco Beltrametti
© Giona Beltrametti (1980)

Franco Beltrametti (1937–1995) is considered one of the most important Swiss authors of the Beat Generation. He studied architecture at ETH in Zurich, where he discovered his passion for art and literature. He then embarked on a series of journeys through Europe, Japan and America, during which he taught architectural design at Kyoto University and at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. In 1971 he settled in Riva San Vitale and gave up architecture altogether, choosing instead to devote himself to poetry and art. Throughout his life, Franco Beltrametti followed his nomadic instinct and accumulated many and varied experiences along the way. His Beat works are influenced by haiku, and exhibit a lightness that blends wit with creativity. 

Franco Beltrametti worked for international poetry periodicals including Tam-Tam, Montagna Rossa, Paria, Cervo Volante and Coyote’s Journal, took part in avant-garde literary festivals, and, in addition to performance art, was involved in mail art actions. His collections of poetry and prose include Un altro terremoto (1971), The Thoughts of Captain Alexis (1987), Tutto questo (1991) and Choses qui voyagent (1995), along with various translations.

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