Audiovisual documents in the SLA

Audiovisuelle Dokumente, die im SLA aufbewahrt werden
Audio and video cassettes, a cassette recorder with microphone and a Revox reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Content and scope

The Swiss Literary Archives’ (SLA) collection of audiovisual documents comprises audio, film and video documents by Swiss authors in all four of the country’s official languages.

The documents are from

  • the Swiss Literary Archives in Bern,
  • the Max Frisch Archive in Zurich,
  • and the archives of the TV and radio channels of Swiss broadcaster SRG SSR idée suisse.

Research and access

Since 2016 the Swiss National Sound Archives have been digitising audio documents from the holdings of the SLA. The digitised documents, as well as recordings of public events at the SLA, are available on the Sound Archives’ online platform.

  • Audio files from the archives can only be consulted via one of the protected workstations of the Swiss National Sound Archives.
  • Video documents are digitised by the Zentrum elektronische Medien ZEM. They can be viewed in DVD format on the premises of the Swiss National Library.

Last modification 04.04.2024

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