Commercial publications

Commercial publications

The Swiss National Library (NL) collects digital publications from Swiss publishers. In collaboration with publishers and distributors, the NL is gradually building up a collection of digital books and journals.

The long-term archive contains, for example, the digital publications from the publishers Karger, Weblaw, vdf, MDPI and Schulthess, and also the digital publications whose distribution was carried out by mbassador.

Recommendations for the delivery of digital publications and templates for the delivery of metadata are available to publishers.

Submission recommendations

Empfehlungen für die Anlieferung von digitalen Verlagspublikationen an die Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek für die Langzeitarchivierung, Version 2.0, 06.2019 (in German) (PDF, 292 kB, 02.08.2022)This document contains the relevant information concerning the transfer of digital commercial publications to the Swiss National Library. It lists technical recommendations for the transfer of documents, the format for digital objects and for metadata.

MODS metadata model

MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema) is a metadata standard developed by the Library of Congress. MODS is based on an XML schema designed to describe bibliographic data. The MODS models can be used as templates to deliver the metadata accompanying digital publications to the NL.

Self-publishing and small publishers

The Swiss National Library also collects self-published digital books and journals as well as those produced by small publishers. Authors and publishers may deposit their digital publications via the e-Helvetica Deposit platform. This platform is designed for publishers who want to deposit only a small number of books per year. The NL then registers the works in its catalogue and ensures their long-term preservation.

Register a digital book or journal

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