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The Swiss National Library (NL) has set for itself the objective to establish a collection of websites of patrimonial importance and by doing so will be able to build a long-term repository to preserve and guarantee future access to this significant source of Swiss culture. This collection called Web Archive Switzerland is selective in its approach and can by no means aim for exhaustiveness. The websites are stored in the long-term digital repository of the NL.
The task of building this long-term digital repository is accomplished thanks to a partnership between the Swiss National Library and Swiss cantonal libraries and other interested institutions. The cantonal libraries are responsible for the identification and pre-listing of websites while the NL is responsible for the collecting, cataloguing in Helveticat, long-term archiving and providing access to the websites.
Cantonal libraries submit their websites to the NL via a submission web form. The NL then harvests these websites and the corresponding bibliographic records are included in Helveticat, the online catalogue of the NL. Web Archive Switzerland partner libraries may obtain the bibliographic data for their websites via an OAI-PMH interface.

Submission form

The submission web form for websites is intended for Swiss cantonal libraries and other institutions wishing to submit patrimonial websites for the Web Archive Switzerland collection.

Background document, information sheets and glossary

The background document describes the origin, the process, the content and the objectives as well as the steps taken to build the Web Archive Switzerland. The information sheets: Collect, List, Archive, Access contain the guidelines, recommendations and information concerning the procedure. The glossary gives the definition of the terms used in these documents.

Webarchiv Schweiz: Grundlagen, Version 1.16, 31.01.2022 (in German) (PDF, 552 kB, 13.06.2022)The background document describes the origin, the process, the content and the objectives as well as the steps taken to build the Web Archive Switzerland.

Webarchiv Schweiz: Merkblatt Sammeln, Version 2.2, 01.05.2021 (in German) (PDF, 2 MB, 03.05.2021)The information sheet Collect contains the basis for the creation of a collection of important patrimonial web sites and defines the areas of collection and selection criteria.

Webarchiv Schweiz: Merkblatt Erschliessen, Version 2.1, 09.11.2017 (in German) (PDF, 594 kB, 03.05.2021)The information sheet List contains the necessary instructions to fill out the web form as well as information concerning format and rules.

Webarchiv Schweiz: Merkblatt Archivieren, Version 1.6, 30.01.2015 (in German) (PDF, 1 MB, 29.04.2021)The information sheet Archiving describes how web sites submitted by the various cantonal libraries are processed and stored in the system of the Swiss National Library. Thereby the following steps of the process are described: harvesting, quality assurance, the process of the metadata, the allocation of the URN and data storage.

Webarchiv Schweiz: Merkblatt Bereitstellen, Version 3.0, 28.08.2020 (in German) (PDF, 2 MB, 03.05.2021)The advanced full text search option is explained and illustrated in the entry "Bereitstellen". In addition it contains instructions for setting up the consultation stations.

Webarchiv Schweiz: Glossar, Version 1.6, 05.02.2016 (in German) (PDF, 468 kB, 29.04.2021)The glossary contains the professional vocabulary as well as the abbreviations used in the information sheets of Web Archive Switzerland.

Webarchiv Schweiz: Anleitung zur Suche von Websites in Helveticat, Juni 2022 (in German) (PDF, 158 kB, 07.06.2022)The website search guide describes how you may search for websites in Helveticat using an extraction code, a URL, a Dewey number or by language.

Interactive collage of websites: a deep dive into Web Archive Switzerland

Web Archive Switzerland: training

Information about importing data

After submitting the website using the online form and once the snapshot has been successfully archived, a bibliographic record will be generated in Helveticat. 

The following documents list the MARC21 fields that appear in the bibliographic records for websites in Helveticat
1. Content taken from the submission web form (first version)
2. Content added automatically (first version)
3. Content that has been adapted over time

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FAQs on web archiving

Here you find answers to questions concerning the collection, harvesting, archiving and the use of the web archive.

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