University theses

Information on the collection is the collection of electronic Swiss university publications. It comprises dissertations and postdoctoral theses from Swiss universities.

The collection is currently under construction. At present, the following university libraries are submitting their electronic university publications to the Swiss National Library for long-term archiving.

Name Approximate 
start of collection
Universität St. Gallen 1996
Universität Bern 1998
Università della Svizzera italiana 2002
Universität Basel 2002
Universität Freiburg 2002
Universität Zürich 2002
Université de Genève 2002
Université de Lausanne 2002
Université de Neuchâtel 2002
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne 2003
Universität Luzern 2005
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich 2009

New data are regularly collected from the institutions three months after publication, and are processed, catalogued and placed in long-term archiving at the Swiss National Library.

Availability of the contents is governed by the stipulations of the individual institutions. University publications may be freely available, available subject to restrictions on the premises of the Swiss National Library, or blocked for all types of use.

The collection can be accessed via e-Helvetica Access. Availability is indicated by a traffic light system.

Submission recommendations

Empfehlungen für die Anlieferung von elektronischen Dissertationen an die Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek für die Langzeitarchivierung, Version 2.0, 06.2019 (in German) (PDF, 255 kB, 01.09.2021)This document contains the relevant information concerning the transfer of online university publications to the Swiss National Library. It lists technical recommendations for the transfer of documents, the format of digital objects and of metadata.

Last modification 19.11.2020

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