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The National Library (NL) can only fulfil its mandate to collect and archive digital publications by working together with other institutions.

University libraries

To collect and archive digital dissertations and post-doctoral theses, the NL works together with the libraries of universities and other higher education institutions.

Cantonal and specialist libraries, archives

The NL works with cantonal and specialist libraries as well as specialised archives to build and expand Web Archive Switzerland, a selective collection of relevant websites about Switzerland chosen by the partner institutions.


The NL collects and archives digital commercial publications (e-books, e-journals) under agreements with the publishers’ associations and the distributor mbassador.

International institutions

The NL works with other national libraries and takes part in international projects: 

  • Regular exchanges of information and experience take place with the German and Austrian national libraries. The three institutions coordinate their archiving projects and provide mutual support.
  • The NL is a member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium, which aims to archive the content of the internet for the long term and make it accessible worldwide. 

Cooperation on digital long-term archiving

E-mails, posts on social media, videos, online newspapers, e-books and websites are part of our everyday life. But how much digital data should be preserved for the long term, who by, and in what form? Memory institutions such as libraries, archives and museums have been seeking answers to that question for some time. One thing is clear: a solution can only be found through cooperation – as confirmed in a study commissioned by the NL.

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