In search of…

The Swiss National Library (NL) holds extensive and unique collections on Switzerland. The NL’s research services help users search for information and documents. “In search of…” provides an insight into this work.

Aarebad Marzili

In search of Aare swimming in Bern

The appeal of swimming in a river is just as great as the danger it poses. Dive into the history of this living tradition, starting with its origins in the 18th century extending into the present day.

In search of everything there is to know about disc beating

“Scheibenschlagen”, or disc beating, is a fire ritual that takes place during Lent and has been on Switzerland’s list of living traditions since 2012. The custom is known by various other names locally.
Dürrenmatt Meteor

In search of heavenly messages on Swiss soil

Digitalised Swiss reporting from sheds light on meteorites that have hit Swiss soil: the Chasseron, Rafrüti and Twannberg meteorites as well as the legendary Dragon’s Eye of Lucerne.

In search of a life stripped bare

What values and principles are associated with naturism? This brief history takes a look at how the movement developed.
Gesamtaufnahme Chalet

In search of the secret chalet vault

The chalet: a nostalgic place, somewhere between a palace and a fortress? The NL has a trove of surprising documents awaiting anyone who researches chalets.

In search of the words “war” and “peace”

Words also have boom and bust cycles, being used with different frequencies over time. The use of the word “war” is closely tied to global events.
Jack Noël

In search of Father or Mother Christmas

At this time of year, many of us have a renewed desire to put pen to paper as we are surrounded by festive poems, greetings, stories and songs. The NL holds a whole collection of texts that will inspire you this Christmas.

In search of non-existent sources

In the absence of written sources, oral history allows witnesses to record their memories in spoken form. Were Swiss men who changed their minds about women's suffrage ever interviewed?
Eulenglück Celestino Piatti Eulenpaar

In search of the artist with the owls

Celestino Piatti – known as “the artist with the owls” – would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. His simple style is well-known and the owl has become his trademark. There are even one or two of Piatti’s owls in the NL.
Plongeoir Baden

In search of more (paid) holiday

In Switzerland, the introduction of holiday and paid leave was directly linked to the development of tourism and social advances. The NL delved into its collections to explore the issue.
Schneeanlage Savognin

In search of the first snow cannons and their impact

Yearning for snow is a thing of the past because the wonder in white can be manufactured by machines at the touch of a button. But the use of snow cannons is a topic of debate. The NL tracks their history in the digital newspaper archive.

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