Bibliography of Swiss History

Cover of the 2020 Annual Report of the Bibliography of Swiss History
Bibliography of Swiss History 2020

The Bibliography of Swiss History (BSH) contains publications from both Switzerland and abroad, including monographs, articles from collections and journals, doctoral, Bachelor and Master theses on all media.

The term “Switzerland” means the country’s current territory, irrespective of former political allegiances. The Bibliography also covers some foreign territories linked to the Confederation at the start of the modern era (former subject and allied territories and frontier regions).

The BSH in electronic format (1975–)

The database includes bibliographical records from 1975 onwards. It is continually updated and also includes bibliographical records for volumes that have not yet been published.

The "View facets" option in the advanced search allows access by volume, topic and, since May 2023, by place or epoch (and in a non-exhaustive way for records entered previously).

The BSH in PDF format (1999–)

The 2020 volume is the most recent edition of the BSH. The BSH database is continually updated. It already includes more than 2,000 bibliographical records for the each of the years 2021 and 2022.

Digitised editions of the BSH (1913–1974)

The data in the volumes covering the years 1913 to 1974 has been digitised and can be consulted online at e-periodica, the Swiss online periodicals platform.

The BSH in paper format (1913–2007)

The BSH was published regularly in printed form between 1914 and 2010. Since the 2008 edition, it has appeared only in PDF format. At the NL, these editions are available as open access (reading room level 2, shelf mark: JB A 016.9494 BIB) or can be ordered from the stacks (shelf mark: BP 14 (1913–1998); Pq 28381 (1999–2007)).

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