Books account for the majority of the Helvetica collection and include the entire output of Swiss publishers on all subjects and in all languages.

Histoire du tourisme
Histoire du tourisme
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Content and scope

  • Almost 15,000 new (printed) publications per year
  • All books published in Switzerland
  • By Swiss or foreign authors
  • Works on Swiss topics or people
  • Edition publications, publications by governmental and non-governmental organisations based in Switzerland as well as art galleries and museums, and self-published works
  • In print or in digital form (e-books)

Collection principles

  • One copy of each publication is deposited and archived.
  • On paper or digital
  • Digital publications are collected selectively.
  • No legal deposit requirement, but books are collected under an agreement with Swiss publishers’ associations


Research and access

  • Documents listed in Helveticat
  • Listed in the national bibliography “The Swiss Book”
  • Annual production statistics drawn up by the NL
  • Full texts in the e-Helvetica Access database

Last modification 19.07.2023

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