International football star playing for Grasshoppers Club (GC) in the 1950s

Branislav Vukosavljevic, ca. 1956. In: Grasshoppers-Club Zürich, Fussball-Sektion: Fussball mit GC, p. 50
Branislav Vukosavljevic, ca. 1956.

Question by a football fan:

I am a great fan of the Grasshoppers and I remember that there was a football player from abroad playing for GC in the 1950s. Unfortunately, I cannot remember his name. At that time he was quite famous, because he was one of few foreign professional footballers engaged in Switzerland.

SwissInfoDesk's answer:

Actually, a footballer named Branislav Vukosavljevic, called „Vuko", played for Grasshoppers Club Zürich (1953-1958). Later he worked as football coach for FC Winterthur (1958-1960) and for GC (1960-1963). Vukosavljevic was a Serb from Yugoslavia. He started his career with Red Star Belgrad and played two matches for the national team of Yugoslavia. "Vuko" was a top goal scorer and a specialist in headed goals. In the season 1955/56, he became Swiss Champion and Cup winner with GC. Book references in the NL's online catalogue Helvetica.

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