Standards are voluntary agreements developed by experts that define best practice for almost every area of modern commercial and everyday life. The digital standards collection of the Swiss National Library (NL) comprises all Swiss standards issued by the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV).

Example from the NL collection of standards

Content and scope

  • Digital Swiss standards of the Swiss Association for Standardization and their industry associations
  • Over 45,000 digital standard editions in the collection

Collection principles

  • One copy of each standard is collected and archived
  • Standards issued from 2006 onwards; prior to that, standards were collected in printed format
  • Collection is not governed by a law on legal deposit but by an agreement with the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) 

Research and access

  • The standards are listed in Helveticat
  • They are referenced in the national bibliography, “The Swiss Book”
  • The full texts can be searched for in e-Helvetica Access, the gateway to the NL’s digital collections
  • The content can only be accessed in the public rooms of the NL, the University Library Lugano and the EPFL library
  • The standards are preserved in the NL’s long-term archive so that they remain accessible for future generations

Last modification 02.08.2022

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