Insights – outlooks 2021

If you spend your days working among literary estates and archives, you’re bound to stumble on the occasional undiscovered gem. In “Insights – outlooks 2021”, staff of the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) delve into the collections and reveal some of their most interesting and attractive finds. This section also contains all the articles from the “Aufgetaucht” feature in the daily newspaper “Der Bund”, where the SLA present their latest finds once a month.

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Die Worte, aus verschiedenen Richtungen gesehen

Im Schreiben der Tessiner Autorin Anna Felder vereinen sich verschiedenen Perspektiven.
Der Patient und sein Beichtvater

Der Patient und sein Beichtvater

Zwei neue Originalbriefe von Friedrich Glauser im Schweizerischen Literaturarchiv
Der Spielraum der doppelten Buchhaltung

The flexibility of double-entry bookkeeping. Patricia Highsmith’s diaries

19 January 2021 would have been Patricia Highsmith’s 100th birthday. Her diaries offer an unvarnished insight into her life and writing.

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