Guided tours

Free workstations in the Swiss National Library
Learn about the NL’s premises and services.
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Learn more about the National Library (NL) and find out how to make the best use of its services.

Guided tours

A standard tour of the public areas includes the following:

  • an introduction to the history of the NL and its work
  • information about the services it offers
  • samples from the collections

We can organise tours for groups of five or more on request. Individuals can join a group.

For groups with special interests, we can also put together a programme focusing on additional areas, such as

  • conservation and restoration
  • the Literary Archives and the Hermann Hesse room (memorial and exhibition room with documents and objects from the writer’s literary estate)

Introduction for students

This introduction offers an overview of

  • the collections
  • how to use the NL
  • the NL’s services

Afterwards you will be better placed to assess which topics and issues merit a visit to the NL.

Possible focus areas for the introduction:

  • collection mandate, holdings
  • tour of the public areas
  • a practical overview of the work facilities, study carrels, IT resources, new media, photocopiers and microfilm readers, etc.
  • searching in the catalogues and ordering documents
  • specialist bibliographies and reference works, online, offline and in print

We will be happy to organise student introductions for groups of five or more.

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