Internet access

Around 12 workstations at the Swiss National Library are equipped with PCs and internet access. Free WiFi access to the internet is available throughout the building.

Range and access

  • NL PCs: The password can be obtained from the information desk.
  • WiFi: You must register in order to obtain the WiFi password. You will need a smartphone to do this, as the password will be sent to you via a text message. The password is valid for seven days.
  • eduroam: Students and employees of a university can access the internet via their eduroam account.


  • NL PCs: Internet access is free of charge for the first 60 minutes, then CHF 4 per hour.
  • WiFi: free of charge

You can search in the NL’s catalogues and electronic resources without a password, free of charge and without a time limit.

Last modification 11.11.2019

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