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The Swiss National Library (NL) contains a vast and unique store of information all about Switzerland. It also has a team information specialists who can search through it all and find answers to more or less any question about the country.

Range and access SwissInfoDesk 

SwissInfoDesk is the NL’s virtual research service. The team will be happy to help you with your research into a topic related to Switzerland. Depending on your question, we will send you a response containing:

  • a simple reply
  • a list of publications
  • or comprehensive documentation.

On request, we will also advise and assist you with your own research into bibliographical references, for example if you are working towards a diploma or other end-of-course dissertation.

The NL is also partnered with a number of other Swiss libraries to expand the range of resources.


  • The first thirty minutes are free of charge.
  • Thereafter, the fee for every 15 minutes or part thereof is CHF 35
  • Administrative charge: CHF 10

No paid research is started without a cost estimate and the customer’s agreement.

To submit your research request, simply complete the form below:


Tips for research

Here is a list of useful research resources based on the most common questions in specific subject areas (genealogy, biography, place names, law, etc.).


National library, cantonal and municipal libraries

Special libraries and institutions

Library and information sciences

Political Science



Military history and history in general

Communications and transportation

Science, Mathematics, Technology

Landscape architecture, Architecture, Urban building

Comic books

Painting and art in general


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