Mystery at the national library: Maëlys investigates

Many in French-speaking Switzerland will already be familiar with Maëlys, the bubbly young detective who solves mysteries along with her rather nervous sidekick Lucien. The latest exciting addition to the “Les enquêtes de Maëlys” series is one we’re especially delighted about, because it revolves around a puzzling case at the National Library.

Picture shows the cover of the book, with Maëlys and Lucien.
Maëlys and Lucien investigate in the NL
© Maëlys – Auzou – C. Pompéi – R. Barbanègre, 2020

It’s the first day of the holidays, and Maëlys’s eye is caught by a newspaper article about an intriguing and unusual pattern of events at the National Library in Bern. Over recent weeks, increasing numbers of books and documents have been found with mysterious holes in them. Library staff are baffled. Determined to unmask the culprit and save the valuable documents, Maëlys travels with her friend Lucien to Bern in order to investigate. As a first step to solving the puzzle, she sets off in search of clues. We hope you’ll enjoy this exciting journey through the National Library!

Bibliographical details

Christine Pompéi, Raphëlle Barbanègre, Mystery at the national library: Maëlys investigates, 62 pages, from 8 years, published by Auzou Suisse, ISBN: 978-2-3650-8454-3

The publication is available from bookstores and the Swiss National Library reception, CHF 9.90


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