Publications of the SLA


Passim. The bulletin of the Swiss Literary Archives

“Passim”, the bulletin of the Swiss Literary Archives, is published twice a year and contains a dossier on a particular topic as well as information on current activities and events.


Bulletin du Cercle d'études internationales Jean Starobinski

Les ALS font paraître chaque année en automne un numéro du « Bulletin du Cercle d’études internationales Jean Starobinski » comprenant des articles de chercheurs, des actualités sur le fonds et différentes chroniques.

Foto von Paul Nizon in den Strassen von Paris mit Titel und Nummer des Heftes.


“Quarto”, the journal of the Swiss Literary Archives, is published once or twice a year. It presents the work of writers through pictures of archival materials, author texts and critical essays.

Buchkassette mit 5 Bänden.


Here you will find a list of the editions that have been published so far.

«Paperworks», Irmgard M. Wirtz und Magnus Wieland (Hrsg.), Göttingen/Zürich, Wallstein und Chronos, 2017


Here you will find a list of the anthologies that have been published so far.

Buchumschlag: Foto von Friedrich Dürrenmatt im Wasser, ein Programmheft zu «Die Panne» studierend; Titel des Buches.

Individual publications of the SLA

In association with various partners, the Swiss Literary Archives publish collective works on topics addressed in conferences and research projects as well as editions of texts from their holdings.

Monographies concernant les fonds conservés aux ALS

Choix d’études, biographies, éditions critiques et éditions de correspondance de chercheurs concernant les fonds d’archives conservés aux ALS. Les auteurs des travaux sont responsables des propos tenus.


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