Legal bases

The legal bases for the Swiss National Library (NL) is the Federal Act on the Swiss National Library of 18 December 1992, which sets out the tasks of the NL. Ordinances based on the Act cover operational details such as fees. The management issues directives and regulations based on the Act and the ordinances. These govern the relationship between users and their library.

  • governs the NL’s tasks and organisation
  • governs the collection mandate, service mandate and operations
  • specifies that the NL consists of the Library (General Collection), the Prints and Drawings Department and the Swiss Literary Archives
  • does not mention the Swiss National Sound Archives or the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel. These are affiliated to the NL on the basis of resolutions of the Federal Council.
  • sets out the services for which the NL charges fees
  • governs how much NL services cost

User regulations

  • set out the rules for using the NL’s collections and premises

Last modification 29.06.2021

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