Loans for exhibitions

The Swiss National Library (NL) lends out items from its holdings for external exhibitions and events:

  • General Collection
  • Swiss Literary Archives
  • Prints and Drawings Department
  • Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel

Those in charge of the collections concerned will be happy to answer questions about potential loans.

Exhibition conditions

The following conditions must be met for loans from the NL:

  • UV-free artificial light only, with a maximum illuminance of 50 lux
  • Temperature of 20°C (± 2°C)
  • Relative humidity of 50% (±5%)

The standard loan period consists of 12 weeks. A longer exhibition duration may be possible taking into account the requirements of each requested item.

As a rule, a maximum of 30 loans can be asked for.

The transport of the loaned items from door to door must be done without stopover.

Loan request

If you meet these conditions you can submit an electronic loan request. Please submit your request

  • no later than three months prior to the opening of the planned event or exhibition,
  • with a definitive list of loan items.

We will assess the suitability of the items concerned and the exhibition conditions. If your request is approved, we will conclude a loan agreement with you.

Procedure and contractual conditions

  • The NL will compile a condition report and specify the packaging and method of transport required.
  • The NL will hand the loan items over to your transport operator no earlier than 14 days before the exhibition or event begins (dispatch by letter or parcel is not permitted).
  • Your transport operator must return the items no later than 14 days after the end of the agreed loan period.
  • The NL will check the items against its condition report.

Last modification 26.02.2024

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