Musical estates

The Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) are home to musical estates, archives, collections and private libraries as well as individual acquisitions from reference code groups Ms M, Ms Mq and Ms Mf.

Zwyssig’s Swiss national anthem (“Swiss Psalm”)
Autograph of the Swiss Psalm

Content and scope

  • Musical estates and archives of musicians, composers and musicologists
  • Collections and private libraries
  • Individual acquisitions from reference code groups Ms M, Ms Mq and Ms Mf.

Collection principles

  • The former manuscript department of the Swiss National Library collected a range of music holdings up until 1991.
  • Since the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) were founded in 1991, this collection area has not been further expanded.

Research and access

  • The holdings are catalogued by the Swiss office of the Répertoire international des sources musicales (RISM) on behalf of the National Library.
  • A large proportion of the inventories are available online.

The following estates are currently being processed and will be published at a later date:

  • Fassbaender, Peter (1869-1920)**
  • Ganz, Rudolph (1877-1972)*
  • Graf, Ernst (1886-1937)**
  • Leyden, Rudolf Bernhard Victor van (1892-1967)**
  • Liebeskind, Josef (1866-1916)**
  • Nef, Albert (1882-1966)**
  • Zulauf, Max (1898-1980)**

** = entire estate (as far as it is preserved or known)
* = partial estate

  • The music documents are also described in the database of the RISM’s Swiss office and can be consulted online. Here they are catalogued and made accessible in accordance with the international RISM guidelines.
  • The musical estates in the SLA can be viewed by appointment.

Last modification 24.08.2023

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