Claude Kuhn archive

Bernese designer Claude Kuhn donated his archive to the Swiss National Library’s Prints and Drawings Department in 2017. At that time it comprised around 220 posters and 170 poster designs and original prints. It has been progressively enlarged since then.

Kuhn Plakat
Poster for the «Geigenbauschule Brienz» by Claude Kuhn, 2002
© Claude Kuhn

Beginning in the early 1970s, Claude Kuhn developed a distinctly personal, minimalist style characterised by clearly demarcated colours. His work is a perfect example of how the poster matches form to function, reducing messages to their essentials. Notably, from the 1970s onwards he shaped the visual identity of the Natural History Museum Bern. He also regularly produced work for Bern’s Dählhölzli Zoo and created the visual identity for the city’s Museums Night. His poster designs for boxing and fencing events are also legendary.

Content and scope

  • Section A: 67 posters from the Natural History Museum Bern
  • Section B: 53 “sport” posters
  • Section C: 38 “culture” posters
  • Section D: 54 “nature/miscellaneous” posters
  • Section E: “archive” of around 170 original poster designs, postage stamp designs and earlier original print works, some books and exhibition invitations

Collection principles

  • The aim is to collect the entirety of Claude Kuhn’s poster output.
  • Current works are continually added.

Research and access

  • The Claude Kuhn archive can be found in the HelveticArchives database.
  • The posters of Claude Kuhn can also be found in the catalogue of the Association Swiss Poster Collections SPC
  • Originals can be consulted on site (by appointment).

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