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On the website “kleinmeister.ch – Souvenirs suisses” you can discover the art of the 18th- and 19th-century Schweizer Kleinmeister.

The works of the Schweizer Kleinmeister – Swiss minor masters – were hugely popular in their own time. To this day, they reveal the cultural diversity of Switzerland through views of towns, villages and landscapes as well as depictions of local folklore and customs from every canton in vividly realistic and, often, idealised form.

Through a range of themed collections arranged into “virtual showcases”, with new items constantly being added, the website reveals the extensive and multifaceted work of the Schweizer Kleinmeister. The high-resolution images can be examined using a zoom viewer that acts as a digital magnifying glass. Accompanying texts highlight the links to contemporary travel literature and original sources. There is also an insight into the creative process, from the original drawing to the completed print, as well as an introduction to the various printing techniques.

Last modification 07.11.2018

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