International portals

The Swiss National Library (NL) works with other institutions at an international level to create portals to improve access to digitised collections. The NL provides access to all or part of its digitised collections via the following portals:

The European Library

The NL is an active partner in the European Library, a portal providing access to the collections of Europe’s national libraries. These collections are both digital (books, posters, sound recordings, video, etc.) and analogue. The European Library provides access to Dürrenmatt’s pictorial works, the poster collection and Helveticat, the online catalogue of the NL. In addition, 70 digitised titles representing some treasures from the NL’s collection are available in the European Library’s Reading Europe exhibition


Europeana allows users to access digitised books, films, paintings, newspapers, sound recordings and archives from the rich collections of Europe’s libraries, museums and archives. All the digitised material from the NL that is available through the European Library is also accessible via Europeana

eBooks on Demand (EOD)

The search portal eBooks on Demand (EOD) currently contains over 3,5 million records from 24 libraries in 10 countries. These provide access both to documents that have already been digitized and to books which may be digitized on request. Monographs held in the NL that were published over 110 years ago, as well as its rights free digitized documents are available through this search tool.

Réseau francophone numérique

The NL, along with other national libraries from French-speaking countries is a member of the Réseau francophone numérique (RFN). One of this network’s important projects is to set up a gateway for digitised newspapers and other materials from French-speaking countries across the globe.

International Children's Digital Library (ICDL)

The ICDL is an international online library of over 4'000 children’s books from different countries and in different languages. The books are geared towards children between three and thirteen and are available in their unabridged version. The NL has provided ten books that are representative of Swiss children’s books of the 19th century, such as «Heidi's Lehr- und Wanderjahre» (Heidi’s Years of Wandering and Learning) by Johanna Spyri or «Voyages en zigzag» by R. Töpffer.

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