Photographic specialist VET – majoring in photography

Photographic specialists photograph all kinds of objects in the studio, create reproductions for exhibitions and printed publications, compile reportages on events or on specific topics, or take portraits of people. To do this they select the right equipment and surroundings, and organise appropriate lighting. After the photographs are taken, they process and edit them on a computer. The entire operation requires dexterity and a practised eye.

Approximately four fifths of the course takes place in the company providing the training, and the remaining fifth at the Bern School of Design SfGBB.


This VET course equips students with basic photographic skills.

Eligibility requirements

- Successful completion of compulsory education through lower-secondary (plus bridge year after lower-secondary level)
- Interest in photography
- Observational skills and imagination
- Good interpersonal skills, customer-oriented approach
- Understanding of technology, willingness to work with computers
- Good eyesight
- Careful approach to materials and objects


Apprenticeships begin on 1 August every three to four years. Vacancies are advertised in the available training positions ("Offene Lehrstellen") section of the federal employment portal.

Level of employment, duration

100%, including attending training college and VET school in Bern. Three-year course..


Students earn the following gross monthly salary, which is calculated on the basis of a 13-month year:
First year CHF 780 (x 13)
Second year CHF 960 (x 13)
Third year CHF 1460 (x 13).

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