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Information and documentation - a field with a rich past and a promising future!

There are many different training opportunities that can lead to a career as an information and documentation professional: VET apprenticeships, UAS degree programmes and CET programmes. Regardless of the path chosen, you will work in a modern, multifaceted, dynamic and fascinating environment with numerous opportunities to take your training to a higher level. Current training options include:

Information and documentation are two essential concepts to archiving, library work or documentation whether it be in government, industry, science, culture, business or journalism.
The Swiss National Library (NL) offers various training opportunities to interested individuals who wish to learn from a team of highly qualified and motivated specialists. The NL, which preserves Switzerland’s collective memory, uses a modern infrastructure for its day-to-day activities. The NL is among the largest libraries in the country.

As an employee of an information and documentation institution, you will be called upon to search, acquire, gather, order, verify, pay, catalogue, index, arrange, classify, manage, handle, shelve, archive, preserve, convey, send and present all types of documents and media.
You will lend out documents, clean inventories; you will provide information, advice, instructions and guidance to library users.
You will organise activities, draft minutes, communicate (both orally and in writing using various means of communication); you will coordinate, surf the Internet, make decisions, work in a team, consult specialists, compile statistics and write articles and texts.

Further information

For more information or questions, please consult the links to the various training programmes and/or contact Ms. Béatrice Maag Schär, responsible for training programmes at the NL

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