Print Finisher, majoring in bookbinding, Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

Though rare, the bookbinding occupation still exists today. The process of making newspapers, books and brochures requires the manual or automated assembling of sheets of paper with all sorts of bindings, which are still handmade.

It can be said that the bookbinding occupation has grown within the library environment since generations of bookbinders have contributed their skills and expertise to produce the collections we now find on library shelves. The Swiss National Library (NL) offers a unique training environment for VET students, who are able to learn on a daily basis from competent professionals in the bindery and the library stacks.

Apprenticeship in basic bookbinding based on recognised VET training plan. Students also have the option of attending general education courses to prepare for the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Candidates must have completed compulsory education.
  • Skilled in crafts.
  • Interested in working with materials such as paper, cardboard, glue, leather and parchment; ability to think logically, ability to visualise concepts, ability to learn quickly, ability to work independently.

Please check the Employment opportunities page on this website for apprenticeship openings.

Full-time 4-year apprenticeship. During this apprenticeship, students will also attend classes at the VET school in Bern.

Students earn the following gross monthly salary, which is calculated on the basis of a 13-month year.
First year: CHF 780.- (x 13)
Second year: CHF 960.- (x 13)
Third year: CHF 1460.- (x 13)
Fourth year: CHF 1720.- (x 13)

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