Strategy 2012-2019

Our collection is analogue. And it is digital. It is quick to find and easy to use.

The volume of digital information now exceeds that of information on paper. But paper will not disappear. The world of things and the world of data exist in parallel and are interlinked. More and more people operate in both spheres.

As a memory institution of the Swiss Confederation, the NL stands ready to address this reality. We maintain our collections on paper while expanding our digital collections. We successfully use the methods of paper conservation and participate in the development of processes for the long-term preservation of digital content. We catalogue analogue and digital content in accordance with international standards and play a part in the latter's development. We make our documents available on site and online and add value by placing them in relevant contexts.

Our actions serve the needs of those for whom our collection is important: students, specialists and researchers in the humanities, but above all the people of Switzerland.

Our key action areas for the coming years are as follows:

  1. Preserving records of the present for the future.
  2. Making our content easy to find and simple to use.
  3. Supporting researchers in their work.
  4. Fostering debate about Switzerland.

Last modification 30.12.2014

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