Notable Acquisitions


Berner Kochbuch, 1803
Berner Kochbuch, 1803


Berner Kochbuch, in welchem über vierhundert Vorschriften enthalten sind, allerley Speisen zuzubereiten, auch Fastenspeisen zu verfertigen, Bern, L.A. Haller, 1803.

Coup-d'œil sur le renversement de la Suisse, l'Imprimerie des Petits Cantons Suisses, 1798.

Kapitulation oder Bedingnisse unter welchen mit Einwilligung und Gutheissung der Löblichen Republik Wallis, das Walliser Regiment von Courten sich verpflichtet, Seiner katholischen Majestät während fünfzig Jahren zu dienen, Sitten, A. Advokat, 1795.

LAVATER, Johann Caspar, Essays on physiognomy, designed to promote the knowledge and the love of mankind, ill. by Thomas Holloway London; transl. from the French by Henry Hunter, J. Stockdale, 1810, 3 Bände in 5.

STEIGER, Karl, Erinnerungen eines Schlachtenbummlers an den Truppenzusammenzug im Sept. 1896 [S.l.], [C. Steiger], [1896], 16 Druckgrafiken.

STOPPA, Giovanni Battista, Giustificatione de'colonelli e capitani Grigione, i quali servono il rè di Francia, spiegata in una lettera scritta a'Signori Capi delle trè Leghe de Grigioni, Parigi, 1690.

Brigitte Thiebault, La Cerise, 2016
Brigitte Thiebault, La Cerise, 2016


CARRILLO DE ALBORNOZ, Cristina, Santiago Calatrava, New York, Assouline Editions, 2013.

FRUND, Robert, Fiévrier, lithographies d'Audrey Devaud, Chevenez, Editions du Goudron et des plumes, 2015.

KROHN, Tim, Zum Paradies, Vättis, Edition Offizin Parnassia Vättis, 2015.

NESSI, Alberto, Il canto della ferrata, Mendrisio, Edizioni Fuoridalcoro, 2016.

THIEBAULT, Brigitte, La Cerise, gravure à l'eau-forte d'Anaëlle Clot, Villeneuve, Editions A l'envers, 2016.

Vierwaldstättersee & Gotthard / Lake Lucerne & the Gotthard: wie du diese Landschaft noch nie gesehen hast / like you have never seen this landscape before, Meggen, Imaginary Wanderings Press, 2016.

Prints and Drawings Department

Archives and collections

FRIEDLI, Peter: Bernese physician Peter Friedli often treated his artist patients free of charge, receiving artworks from them in return. As a collection, the works on paper offer a mirror of artistic activity, predominantly in the Bern region, through examples of the relevant Swiss art eras typical of the period. A group of watercolours within the collection reveals Friedli himself to be a gifted painter who documented the Alpine landscapes of his native region. (gift)

SPOERRI, Daniel: Tauschbibliothek Daniel Spoerri. 1978 saw the publication of Heilrituale an bretonischen Quellen, compiled by Spoerri and Marie-Louise von Plessen and published independently by Paul Gredinger. Copies of the book could only be obtained in exchange for another book. The result was the approximately 2,300 volumes of swapped books that make up the Tauschbibliothek Daniel Spoerri. In parallel with their donation to the Prints and Drawings Department, the Federal Office of Culture purchased the accompanying Pharmacie Bretonne for the Federal Art Collection.

VISARTE BERN: Poster collection. 179 posters and 104 original poster designs commissioned by Visarte Bern for festivals at the Kunsthalle in the 1920s and 1930s, e.g. Walter Clénin, Tonio Ciolina, Hermann Hubacher, Albert Lindegger known as Lindi, Heinrich Nyffenegger. (gift)

Editions, artists' books, plates and drawings

Adam Dant, Bibliopolis, 2013
Adam Dant, Bibliopolis, 2013

BLÄTTLER, Michael: Update to the artists' monograph Alea iacta est I-CCC.

BRUHIN, Anton: Neujahrsheftli, Zines.

EDIZIONI PERIFERIA, LUZERN: Acquisition (in three annual tranches from 2016 to 2018) of the entire edition production in the form of special editions of artists' books marking the 30th anniversary: Anton Egloff, London Journal/Londoner Textstücke, 1992; Anton Egloff, Projekt-Projektionen; Jonathan Delachaux, Bild, 2015; Jonathan Delachaux, Zeichnung, 2015; MINIMONO Edizioni Periferia: Irene Bisang, 2013; Claude Sandoz, 2013; Adam Dant, 2013; Uwe Karlsen, 2014; Stefan Gritsch, 2014; Ilze Orinska, 2015; Jonathan Delachaux, 2015.

Stefan Gritsch, Trophies, 2013
Stefan Gritsch, Trophies, 2013

MINELLI, Gian Paolo: Series of photo portraits of around a dozen culture practitioners from southern Switzerland.

SITTERWERK: Anniversary edition marking 10 years of the Sitterwerk Foundation, with prints by Mariana Castillo Deball, Katalin Deér, Silvie Defraoui, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Aglaia Konrad/Willem Oorebeek, Jochen Lempert, Charlotte Moth, Shahryar Nashat, Miriam Sturzenegger, Ueli Torgler.

Four original watercolour views by Friedrich Wilhelm Moritz, Gabriel Lory père and Gabriel Lory fils. (gift of the Stiftung Graphica Helvetica)

VOLMAR, Johann Georg: Costume Suisse. Album. (gift of the Stiftung Graphica Helvetica)

WEBER, Claudius: Complete production of his artists' books.

Swiss Literary Archives

Margrit Baur, Foto: Yvonne Böhler
Margrit Baur, Foto: Yvonne Böhler

BAUR, Margrit (*1937): Published and unpublished texts from the late 1960s onwards, notebooks and correspondence with literary friends and acquaintances, authors and publishers. Important holdings, designs and photo album on Geschichtenfluchten. (gift)

BOLLIGER, Max (1929-2013): Typescripts of stories and poems as well as publications and documentation materials. (gift)

Michel Contat
Michel Contat

CONTAT, Michel (*1938): All manuscripts of the works as well as unpublished works; dossiers of works in collaboration with third parties (films, discussions, etc.); private and professional literary correspondence; important documentary material on Jean-Paul Sartre; photographs; family documents, in particular including a Rilke dossier; sound recordings, some objects, pictures, personal documents.

GUGGENHEIM, Werner Johannes (1895-1946) and Ursula von Wiese (1905-2002): Manuscripts and typescripts by Werner Johannes Guggenheim on plays and Ramuz translations, manuscripts and typescripts by Ursula von Wiese, correspondence, contracts with publishers and photographic documentation. Also typescripts by Werner von der Schulenburg. (gift)

KUFFER, Jean-Louis (*1947): Manuscripts of the works and preparatory dossiers; personal diary in the form of 150 hand-written notebooks and a typed version; correspondence with literary figures in French-speaking Switzerland and France; photographs.

Jean-Marc Lovay, photo: Sébastien Agnetti
Jean-Marc Lovay, photo: Sébastien Agnetti

LOVAY, Jean-Marc (*1948): Manuscripts of the most important works, some unpublished texts; 4 volumes of his "Journal de Pinsec"; scripts for film and radio adaptations; articles by the author and reviews of his works; correspondence with the publishers (in particular Gallimard); photographs and slides documenting his teaching as a photographer and his travels (Afghanistan, Nepal, etc.); radio recordings, dossiers on literary awards; some objects (wooden buttons made by the artist).

METTLER, Clemens (*1936): Manuscripts of Mettler's late, unpublished magnum opus with the working title Lebensleiter. Also manuscripts and correspondence by and with Clemens Mettler from the last 40 years. (gifts of Doris and Peter Walser-Wilhelm)

MORLANG, Werner (1949-2015): Essays and critical manuscripts as well as associated materials, correspondence and autographs of many contemporary authors from Gerhard Meier to Aglaya Veteranyi as well as unique historical pieces by Annette Kolb, Nelly Sachs, Franz Mehring, Ilse Aichinger, Günter Eich, Elias Canetti, Danilo Kiš, Paul Valéry and others.

Ilma Rakusa, photo: Giorgio von Arb
Ilma Rakusa, photo: Giorgio von Arb

RAKUSA, Ilma (*1946): More than 30 works, poems, prose, essays, dramas and twice as many translations and editorial works as well as materials on more recent works. Extensive multilingual correspondence with friends and authors including Ilse Aichinger, Friederike Mayröcker, Peter Handke, Monika Maron, Sibylle Lewitscharoff, Jürg Laederach, Heinz F. Schafroth, Péter Nádas and Imre Kertész.

RHYN, Hans (1888-1967): Collection of autographs with documents from Goethe, Schiller, Lessing, Jean Paul and many others. Rhyn organised his collection - which was later added to by Heinz Balmer - by subject or specialist areas, from 1. Musicians to 10. Poets II. (gift)

SCHUBIGER, Jürg (1936-2014): Various draft texts, manuscripts and typescripts from around 1950 to 2014. They include mostly short and in some cases unpublished stories, poems, ongoing projects, theatre and radio plays, scores, notebooks and sketchbooks, photographs and isolated correspondence.

Swiss National Sound Archives

DUDAN, Pierre (1916-1984): Collection of audio materials from the celebrated songwriter and actor who enjoyed great success in the French-speaking world from the 1950s to the 1980s. The bequest comprises 234 audiovisual media in all formats.

LOOSLI, Théo (*1933): Collection of audio materials from the conductor who founded the Bern Bach Choir, the Orchestre Symphonique Neuchâtelois, the Sinfonietta and the Bern Concert Choir. The bequest comprises 733 audiovisual media in all formats testifying to the musician's artistic activities.

LORELEI STUDIO: Collection of audio materials from this important recording studio of the jazz and rock scene in Vaud. The bequest comprises 285 magnetic tapes in all formats.

Specialist staff
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