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Année Dürrenmatt – (Re)discovering a Swiss figure of global importance

2015 saw the 25th anniversary of the death of Friedrich Dürrenmatt, while the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel (CDN) celebrated 15 years since its creation. To mark these two significant dates, the CDN opened its redesigned permanent exhibition. Numerous events took place throughout the year, with one high point being the CDN's birthday on 19 September. On 13 December, the day before the actual anniversary of Dürrenmatt's death, the CDN commemorated the artist with a concert by his daughter Ruth Dürrenmatt. It coincided with the first Salon Dürrenmatt, a new series of events in which aspects of Dürrenmatt's work are discussed in relaxed surroundings.

The first Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon

Cultural Data Hackathon, 27./28.2.2015
Cultural Data Hackathon, 27./28.2.2015

For the first time, Switzerland played host to a cultural data hackathon. Around a hundred software developers, data providers and researchers met at the NL to use the open data of cultural institutions for their own purposes, discuss their experiences and program together. "Hacking" the data revealed new interconnections, allowing them to be used for creative projects such as Mathias Bernhard's Gugelmann Galaxy.

Literature in the archive: Anna Felder

Anna Felder, 11.3.2015
Anna Felder, 11.3.2015

Anna Felder's first work Tra dove piove e non piove was the subject for a multilingual soirée in the Swiss Literary Archives. Roberta Deambrosi presented the new edition of the book, published to mark 40 years since it first appeared. Anna Felder, Roberta Deambrosi and Françoise Delorme then talked about the German and French translations of the work.

Museum Night in Bern

Der Regenbogenfisch, exhibition on the book by Marcus Pfister, 20.3.–27.6.2015
Der Regenbogenfisch, exhibition on the book by Marcus Pfister, 20.3.–27.6.2015

Until 10 p.m., Museum Night 2015 was given over entirely to children. A popular highlight of the programme was the children's rock concert by Schtärneföifi in the reading room. An exclusive "hairdressing salon" offered young visitors the chance to wear sea creatures in their hair - as befitted the theme of the exhibition Der Regenbogenfisch (The Rainbow Fish). Here, children read from Marcus Pfister's world-famous classic in eleven different languages. After 10 p.m. there was a chance for the adults to relax with a concert by Hot Club de Berne in the NL's bistro. The Regenbogenfisch exhibition continued thereafter until 27 June 2015.

Annual meeting of EURIG

The European RDA Interest Group (EURIG) is working to develop the new RDA (Resource Description and Access) cataloguing standard and adapt it to European conditions thereby promoting its use in Europe. The NL was chosen as the venue for its 2015 annual meeting, which was attended by 27 delegates from 18 countries.

29th Annual Meeting of the Conference of European National Librarians

Christa Markwalder, Vice President of the National Council, opens the Annual Meeting of the CENL, 18.05.2015
Christa Markwalder, Vice President of the National Council, opens the Annual Meeting of the CENL, 18.05.2015

The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL) was organised by the NL and held in Bern. On the day before the meeting, participants visited the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel. The conference itself, attended by the directors of national libraries from more than 30 European countries, took place on the two subsequent days in the Swiss Parliament building. Founded in 1987, the CENL is the most important organisation for collaboration between Europe's national libraries.

Metagrid Kick-off

The web service Metagrid aims to automatically link humanities resources from various databases relating to a person, place, institution or other entity. A project of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences, it is implemented by the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland with the support of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland. The NL, which is a partner in the project, hosted the kick-off event.

Blick nach Süden: images of Italy in German-language Swiss literature since 1861

Dante Andrea Franzetti, 3.9.2015
Dante Andrea Franzetti, 3.9.2015

The Blick nach Süden conference marked the end of a research project by the Swiss Literary Archives and the Department of German at the University of Basel. Its topic was the contrasting images of Italy in German-language Swiss literature, from "earthly paradise" to "country of political upheavals". A public soirée entitled Italien liegt in der Schweiz (Italy is in Switzerland) took place on the first evening. A discussion with the authors Dante Andrea Franzetti and Franco Supino, whose parents emigrated to Switzerland from Italy, introduced the topic to a wider audience.

European Heritage Days 2015: The Federal Archives of Historic Monuments open their doors to the public

To mark 100 years of the Federal Commission for Monument Preservation (FCMP), the Prints and Drawings Department offered guided tours of the Federal Archives of Historic Monuments (FAHM). Architecture historians presented a selection of valuable original documents including plans, sketches, watercolours and photographs from the early days of the FCMP.

Time passes quickly on Long Sunday

Every few years the NL organises a large-scale event for a wide audience which also includes a chance to look behind the scenes. On Long Sunday, invited guests explained how they created new works in, or thanks to, the NL. Simon Jäggi, the singer of the band Kummerbuben, revealed how he researched old Swiss songs in the NL, re-used them and is now interpreting them for a contemporary audience. Wilfried Meichtry offered an insight into the genesis of his biography of Mani Matter, which drew on the resources of the SLA. An interactive presentation offered animated, three-dimensional images of artists' books. Also on display was Gugelmann Galaxy, which was created at the cultural data hackathon in February. Leading the packed programme for children was Yakari. A section of the underground stacks was also opened up exclusively for the day.

Paperworks – Literary and cultural practices using scissors, glue and paper

Eugen Gomringer, 19.11.2015
Eugen Gomringer, 19.11.2015

A conference at the Swiss Literary Archives was devoted to the subject of paper, a material whose demise has often been predicted in the digital age. Paperworks discussed the persistence of paper and examined the material's special quality with particular reference to the process of writing literature. At the soirée Bern ist mein Ursprung des Konkreten, Eugen Gomringer talked about his development of concrete poetry, a literary practice on paper.

Starobinski & Barthes: Meeting of the Cercle dʼétudes internationales Jean Starobinski

The 2015 annual meeting of the Cercle d'études internationales Jean Starobinski took place at the University of Fribourg and looked at the topic of Starobinski & Barthes. Tiphaine Samoyault, Roland Barthesʼs biographer, shed light on Barthes's intellectual relationship to friends in Switzerland, including Albert Béguin, Jean Starobinski and Jean Rousset. She revealed that mutual critical examination formed an important part of that friendship.

The Photobook and its Authors

The Photobook and its Authors 28.11.2015–13.2.2016
The Photobook and its Authors 28.11.2015–13.2.2016

Following Unikat - Unicum, the exhibition The Photobook and its Authors was devoted to another form of artists' books. It presented photobooks from Swiss authors, photographers and publishers from 1990 onwards. On 27 November, experts from academia and practice gathered for a colloquium to discuss photobooks. As in the previous year, the exhibition and colloquium took place as part of the "Artists and Books (1880-2015). Switzerland as a Cultural Platform" research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Library Science Talk: Repositories: looking back and looking forward

Wolfram Horstmann, Director of the Göttingen State and University Library, gave a lecture on the history and future of repositories - document servers for the use and long-term archiving of electronic publications. The Library Science Talks have been held regularly in German-speaking Switzerland at the NL since 1998. From 2016 they will move to the Zurich Central Library. The second venue in Switzerland remains CERN in Geneva.

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