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Swiss Literature Awards ceremony

Philippe Jaccottet, photo: FOC
Philippe Jaccottet, photo: FOC

The Swiss Literature Awards were presented in the reading room of the NL at a ceremony attended by Federal Councillor Alain Berset. The Grand Award for Literature went to Philippe Jaccottet and Paul Nizon, while Christoph Ferber received the Special Award for Translation. The awards for works from the literary year 2013 went to Urs Allemann, David Bosc, Roland Buti, Rose-Marie Pagnard, Matteo Terzaghi, Urs Widmer and Vera Schindler-Wunderlich.

Museum Night in Bern

The Museum Night was dominated by art, with the Federal Office of Culture presenting works from the Federal Art Collection, which is not open to the public, for the first time in the exhibition Blütenlese (‘Florilegium’). For children there was ARTUR, a mobile art transport crate crammed with craft materials from the Museum of Fine Arts Bern. Architects offered guided tours of the architecturally important NL building, and Wilfried Meichtry read from his biography of Mani Matter. The night closed with music and dance, as electro swing band Klischée from Bern filled the normally silent reading room with sound.

Annual general meeting of the Réseau francophone numérique

The Réseau francophone numérique (RFN) is a network of 25 French-language memory institutions from all over the world. Its objective is to make its digital and digitised documents available online. In 2014, the NL played host to the RFN’s annual general meeting.

Book-destroying bibliophiles

Caspar Hirschi, 23.4.2014
Caspar Hirschi, 23.4.2014

In his lecture to mark World Book Day, Caspar Hirschi, Professor of History at the University of St. Gallen, discussed the taboo subject of what happens to unsold books: they are reused for other purposes, recycled or destroyed. He also offered an insight into the conditions under which academic literature is produced today.

Wikimedia in the NL

26.4.2014 and 3.5.2014
The NL embarked on its collaboration with the Wikimedia Switzerland association in 2014. Two "Wikipedians in Residence" made the first documents from the NL's collection accessible on Wikimedia Commons. They also organised two writing workshops in which participants learned to compose and publish their own Wikipedia articles.

Library Science Talk: Transformer 200 ans d’articles de presse en un système d’information

The digital archive of Le Temps contains four million newspaper articles from 200 years, including every issue of its predecessor publications Journal de Genève, Gazette de Lausanne and Le Nouveau Quotidien. Frédéric Kaplan, Professor at the Digital Humanities Laboratory (DHLAB) of the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, presented a project designed to create an information system from this material. The aim is to use an automated process to identify all the units described in the archive, such as places, people and things, and classify them unambiguously based on Wikipedia and other sources.

KOOP-LITERA International

KOOP-LITERA is a network of German, Luxembourg, Austrian and Swiss institutions that acquire, catalogue and archive literary estates and autographs and make them accessible to the public. Its second working conference, organised by the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA), was held in the NL. Topics covered included collections of institutional provenance, regulations and authority data as well as issues relating to digital archives.

6th Summer academy on Swiss literature

At the SLA's Summer academy in the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel (CDN), twenty undergraduate and doctoral students from throughout the German-speaking world and America examined the topic of "Literature and Religion". Public events with Sibylle Lewitscharoff and Thomas Hürlimann provided an opportunity to discuss the topic directly with authors.

Im Feuer der Propaganda. Die Schweiz und der Erste Weltkrieg (Under Propaganda Fire. Switzerland and the First World War)

The First World War brought Switzerland close to collapse. The exhibition Im Feuer der Propaganda revealed why: the country was deeply divided, and the rift was accentuated by massive propaganda from at home and abroad. The exhibition was a collaboration with the neighbouring Museum of Communication. With a few exceptions, the approximately two hundred newspapers and periodicals, posters and postcards, photographs and graphic works, flyers and dispatches, manuscripts, books and films were drawn from the two institutions' collections. Almost all of them were the original documents.

The Hidden World – Jim Shaw Didactic Art Collection with Jean-Frédéric Schnyder & Friedrich Dürrenmatt

For the first time in Switzerland, the CDN presented the didactic art collection of the internationally renowned Californian artist Jim Shaw. The exhibition, on the theme of belief, confronted Shaw’s collection with works by Swiss artists Jean-Frédéric Schnyder and Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

VTLS EMEA Users’ Group Meeting

Specialists who work with products from VTLS Inc. meet regularly to share their experiences. They include representatives of the NL, as our Helveticat catalogue is based on the VTLS software Virtua. In 2014, the VTLS Users' Group Meeting for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) took place at the NL. It was attended by some ninety people from twenty different nations.

«sempre cercando» ‒ Parole e immagini di Franco Beltrametti

Franco Beltrametti soirée, 24.9.2014
Franco Beltrametti soirée, 24.9.2014

A multilingual evening and a small exhibition of original documents by the SLA were devoted to the literature of the Beat Generation in Switzerland, whose major representative was Franco Beltrametti. Annetta Ganzoni and Daniele Cuffaro offered an introduction to Beltrametti's work and his literary estate, and chaired the discussion with John Gian and Urban Gwerder.

Feuerstellen – Entlang eines Weges. With Dieter Bachmann and Pierre Favre

Pierre Favre, Dieter Bachmann, 15.10.2014
Pierre Favre, Dieter Bachmann, 15.10.2014

Accompanied by percussion artist Pierre Favre, Dieter Bachmann set off on a journey through his literary work: a kind of safari to the most important "campfires". The SLA soirée, which was chaired by Magnus Wieland, was accompanied by a small exhibition of documents from Bachmann's archive.

Unikat – Unikum. Artists’ books from the Prints and Drawings Department

Unikat – Unikum, 22.11.2014–28.2.2015
Unikat – Unikum, 22.11.2014–28.2.2015

Unikat - Unikum marked the start of the exhibition series Artists' Books from the Prints and Drawings Department of the Swiss National Library. This ties in with the three-year Swiss National Science Foundation research project "Artists and Books (1880-2015): Switzerland as a Cultural Platform". The exhibition examined the artists' book not just as a particular form, but in its extreme manifestation as a unique entity. It opened at the end of an international colloquium on the same topic at which experts from museums, libraries, archives and universities discussed the phenomenon of the unique artists' book in the context of cultural practices in Switzerland and internationally.

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