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eBooks on Demand EOD enables you to order complete electronic copies of copyright-free books published between the 17th century and about 1900. It is a fee-based service.

How does the service work?
You may place orders for digitisation via Helveticat, the catalogue of the Swiss National Library (NL). Books may be digitised provided that:

  • the desired work is available at the NL and its condition is such that it may be digitised,
  • the desired work is copyright-free, and
  • the EOD symbol appears on the item screen

Note: Please disable the pop-up blocker of your browser and allow scripts for the web pages of the catalogue. Otherwise it is possible that the EOD symbol does not appear, although a volume can in fact be ordered within the framework of eBooks on Demand. 

Orders are processed by e-mail via the EOD order form which may be accessed by clicking on the EOD symbol. 

The EOD icon is automatically generated and may be missing from some titles that are out of copyright. You may order digital copies of these by this blank form. Please note that only orders for documents that are out of copyright will be filled.

You may pay by credit card, online payment or invoice. Your e-book is delivered via the Internet or on a disc sent through the post. For further details please refer to our Terms of Delivery and Payment.

Upon payment the files are sent to you in the PDF format, consisting of images of the scanned book pages. If the state and nature of the original book allows it, you will also receive at no additional cost, the uncorrected full text contained in the image files, processed by a special OCR software.. You can browse, copy, further process and print the contents of the PDF files. 

Further information about eBooks on Demand:
The EOD website provides further information about the document delivery service and about all the systems you may access to order e-books.
In addition, a short film freely available online provides you with a concise overview of the EOD service.

Further information

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