Interlibrary loan for NL patrons

The Interlibrary loan service of the Swiss National Library (NL) can order, for its patrons, publications located in other Swiss or foreign libraries.
For more information, please contact the Information desk at the NL.

Goal and authorisation

A registered user of the NL can order via the Interlibrary loan service of the NL, publications, (books and articles from periodicals) which aren’t available at the NL or in another library located within the city of Bern.


For each order, please fill in the order form for books or the order form for photocopies. To expedite your order, please indicate complete and precise bibliographic references.

Delivery Time

In Switzerland, you must allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery of documents. For urgent requests, please make sure these deadlines correspond to your needs.
For orders from abroad, you must allow 2 to 4 months for delivery, depending on the country of origin.


The patron is notified by mail or e-mail of the arrival of the documents ordered at the NL Loan service. We do not post documents ordered through the Interlibrary loan service.

Loan period and loan renewal

The loan period is according to the conditions of the delivering library. For books, a period of one month is usual with a possibility of renewal ; for journals, 2 or 4 weeks or even less. Some documents have to be consulted in the Reading rooms of the NL only.


You may return the documents during the opening hours of the Loan service, either in the cupboard designated for book returns or return them by post in adapted packing.
Patrons are responsible for damaged or lost documents. Fine will be charged for missed deadlines.

International lending and document supply

You may order books and journal articles that are not available in any Swiss library through our international lending and document supply service. To do this, simply click on ‘Order in Switzerland and abroad’ in the online form.
Books borrowed from foreign libraries must be consulted in the reading room.

Fees (VAT included)

Photocopy up to 20 pages CHF 8.- flat rate each additional page A4 CHF 0.20
  each additional page A3 CHF 0.40
Book orders:  
     In Switzerland effectives costs
     Abroad effectives costs

We strive to make documents available to patrons at the best possible price. You pay directly at the loan desk of the NL when you pick up your documents.

Last modification 01.10.2018

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