Interlibrary loan for libraries and documentation centres

Lending documents

All Swiss and foreign libraries and documentation centres can borrow documents from the collections of the NL through interlibrary loan.

Documents published more than 50 years ago can be borrowed provided that the partner library guarantees that consultation will only take place in the library’s own reading room.
All documents published before 1900, all precious documents, non-book documents and large formats are not available for interlibrary loans. However copies of these documents can be requested.

Monographs and part of the serials collection can be borrowed directly through Helveticat, our online catalogue. A patron identification number and a password can be obtained from the address at the right. It is also possible to use the interlibrary loan request form.

The normal loan period is 28 days although extensions are possible. Documents lent abroad can only be consulted in the reading room of the partner libraries. Fees for interlibrary loans in Switzerland are based on the reciprocity principle. For international interlibrary loans the fees are: either 1 IFLA voucher per item or else according to the principle of reciprocity.

Ordering photocopies

For standard copies (analogous or digital) please use the form mentioned above. For other reproductions please consult the services provided by the Photo and Reprography service.

Fees are those determined in the in the Ordinance on Swiss National Library rates (NL Rates Ordinance). There is a CHF 10.- service charge for billing costs..

In order to limit the billing costs, photocopy orders (electronic or digital) should be paid for with:

  • 1 BBS voucher for articles of up to 20 pages (for Switzerland)
  • 1 IFLA voucher for articles of up to 20 pages (orders from outside Switzerland)

Vouchers can be sent to the NL within 14 days after the delivery.

Credit cards are not accepted as means of payment.

Last modification 06.03.2014

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