Acronyms used for interlibrary loan in Switzerland

For the purpose of interlibrary loan in Switzerland the NL assignes an alphanumeric acronym to each library. The libraries determine themselves their accessibility code for the delivery of documents in the interlibrary loan context.

The following accesibility codes are available:

A = Document (1) delivery within 48 hours
B = Document (1) delivery within one week
C = Document delivery only if there is no other localisation A or B (applies to special and industry libraries)
E = Consultation on site is possible (ask before); photocopies of articles only if there is no other localisation A, B or C
(1) = Monographies and photocopies of articles of periodicals and monographies

The list of addresses and acronyms of libraries used for interlibrary loans is maintained by the NL and may be consulted in the database ISplus / HelveticArchives.

To obtain an acronym for your library, the form "Anmeldeformular für ein Bibliothekssiegel" has to be filled in.

Further information

Anmeldeformular für ein Bibliothekssigel (in French) (PDF, 59 kB, 12.01.2015)Form in French. Please fill in the form and return it to the loan desk or mail it in.

Last modification 06.03.2014

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