Our various services

Thematic or bibliographic searches

Our qualified information specialists will be happy to assist you with your research into a topic related to Switzerland. Depending on your question, we will send you a simple reply, a list of publications or comprehensive documentation. On request, we will also advise and assist you with your own literary research, for example towards a diploma or dissertation.

In each case your enquiry will be dealt with by one of our experts – who, if necessary, can refer you to the appropriate department elsewhere in Switzerland or abroad. The NL takes part in several collaborative networks of virtual reference.

You will receive an answer from us within two days (opening hours of the library). Please contact us by using the Order Form for research or the address provided opposite.


  • Response within 2 weekdays
  • The first 30 minutes are free of charge.
  • Each new 15-minute period: CHF 35.-
  • Administrative fee: CHF 10.-
  • A fee required research can only be started after the delivery of a cost estimate and user agreement.
  • Expedited search service:
    50% surcharge on the above fees.

Book a Librarian

Perhaps you would like to do your own research but are not sure how to go about it. At the NL you can ask one of the librarians to guide you in your search for certain items.

Example: Can you help me search for Federal Supreme Court rulings on the subject of liability in skiing accidents?.

Other services

Reproductions of holdings of the Swiss National Library: if you have precise bibliographical information, you can order yourself reproductions.

If not, you can let a request for research (see the top of the page). We will gladly provide you documents or articles, with an estimate for their reproduction.

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