Swiss Literature collection

Intended as a complement to the reference collection maintained by the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) on Level 4, the Swiss Literature collection on Level 3 West covers the following seven categories:

  1. General bibliographies and reference publications
  2. Selected recent literary publications that will later be added to the SLA's reference collection on Level 4
  3. Media: audiovisual material, mainly IMVOCS documents, together with corresponding equipment booths. The IMVOCS (Images and Voices of Swiss Culture) collection is comprised of selected videos and films relating to Swiss literature that were digitised and posted online with the help of the Association for the Preservation of the Audiovisual Heritage of Switzerland (Memoriav).
  4. National languages: linguistics, dialectology, regional dictionaries and linguistic maps, dialect dictionaries
  5. Primary literature prior to 1900:
    Classics from old Swiss literature (prior to 1900); selection of secondary literature (standard references and important biographies)
  6. Key anthologies from Swiss folklore (sayings, myths)
  7. Periodicals: all literary journals in Switzerland including a limited selection of foreign journals

The SLA's reference collection on Level 4 is open to all users and covers the following categories:

  1. Primary literature from authors whose works were bequeathed to the SLA as well as a selection of literature from other authors (20th/21st Century)
  2. Secondary literature about authors whose works were bequeathed to the SLA
  3. Literary theory and standard literary references
  4. Edition philology
  5. Archiving methods, archiving theory
  6. Cultural and media history, memory theory

The specialised collection on Swiss literature is intended for all SLA users, students, researchers and literature enthusiasts.

The Swiss Literature collection includes recent literary publications from Switzerland, publications on Swiss dialects and languages, Swiss folklore and a wide range of literary journals and audiovisual materials (mainly IMVOCS documents).

Last modification 20.04.2016

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