Swiss Art and Architecture collection

The specialised collection on Swiss art and architecture is intended for art enthusiasts. Located on Level 3 East, this collection includes a broad range of reference publications and personal monographs (Index code JK A) from many different fields. It also contains books on various topics relating to the visual arts (sculpture, painting, photography, posters, etc., index codes JK B to JK F), architecture and historical monuments (index codes JK K and JK L). A separate category has been set aside for music (index codes JK P to JK S). Finally, the collection contains works relating to the performing arts and cinema (index code JK W).

The Swiss Art and Architecture collection is targeted towards the Department of Prints and Drawings' collection, including the Federal Archives of Historic Monuments. In the information room a multimedia PC has been set aside specifically for the purpose of playing audio clips from the Swiss National Sound Archives.

The specialised collection also includes the latest issues of around 70 journals relating to music, architecture and art.

Last modification 20.04.2016

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