Library and Information Science collection

This specialised collection is devoted to information and communication technologies as well as library-related innovations and includes primarily foreign professional literature. It is mainly intended for professionals: information specialists, students, teachers and researchers. It includes basic literature and standard references on information science as well as various reference publications and articles on the latest trends, innovations and developments in the field of information and documentation.

Also included is a selection of nearly 70 Swiss and international professional journals, some of which may be read online from designated PCs (see list). Open access media are primarily meant for consultation on site. Some, however, are available for home loan to registered users.

The Swiss National Library's Preservation and Conservation Service maintains its own specialised collection. These publications are listed in the Swiss National Library online catalogue (Helveticat) and may be borrowed in the reading room.

The Library and Information Science collection is housed in a separate room where the documents can be consulted without disturbance. Furthermore two workplaces and one computer are at the disposal of the users.

Last modification 20.04.2016

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