Equipment for copying and consulting documents

The following equipment for copying and consulting documents is available in the public areas:

  • Printers: You may use the PCs in the information room on level 1 as well as on levels 2 and 3 to print in black and white or colour. Printers are located in the information room.
  • Photocopiers: There are two photocopiers, one located near the circulation service on level 1 and one on level 2. Copy cards may be purchased from the circulation desk.
  • Book scanner: located in the information room on level 1. This scanner allows you to make paper copies or save digital ones to a USB thumb drive.
  • Microfilm readers and scanner: located in the reprographics room on level 1 (close to the microfilms of Swiss newspapers). The microfilm scanner also has a USB port enabling you to save digital copies of articles to your USB thumb drive.
    All other devices are connected to a printer that you may use to make your own paper copies.
  • Multimedia and audiovisual documents: these may only be consulted at the Swiss National Library. VCR, DVD, CD and audio cassette players are located on level 3. CD-ROMS and DVDs in current formats can be viewed on the PCs located in the public rooms.
Workstation with microfilm scanner
Workstation with microfilm scanner
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You are allowed to make photocopies yourself and use your own camera. For conservation reasons, you must inform the reading room staff if you wish to make pictures or copies of documents that are more than fifty years old. More ample information can be found under the link in the column on the right.


Rates for reproductions:

  • Black and white (printers, photocopiers, book scanners, microfilms readers): CHF 0.20 (A4), CHF 0.40 (A3).
  • Colour (printers, book scanners): CHF 1 (A4), CHF 2 (A3)
  • Files saved to USB thumb drive (book and microfilm scanners): free of charge.

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