Scientific journals online: National licenses for Cambridge University Press, De Gruyter, Oxford University Press and Springer

Access in the NL

Within the context of the National Licenses project realized by the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries, the Swiss National Library (NL) offers access to full texts of the following publishers of scientific books

  • Cambridge University Press: Articles published from 1770 to 2015
  • De Gruyter: Articles published from 1826 to 2015
  • Oxford University Press: Articles published from 1895 to 2015
  • Springer: Articles published from 1832 to 2011

Over two million articles are available so far. All content released in 2017 will only be accessible after an embargo. The embargo consists of two years (De Gruyter), three years (Oxford University Press) and five years (Cambridge University Press and Springer). Restrictions are also valid for content that will be published in the following years.

The articles are mainly in English and German.

Resources are accessible via the swissbib catalogue.

Individual Access

This offer is free for every person that has a permanent residence in Switzerland and internet access.

Go to the Swissbib Website to benefit from this offer. Click on “Institutional Login” and then on the button Log in with Swiss edu-ID. Follow the instructions.

Last modification 22.02.2017

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