Computers and internet access

Will I have internet access at the NL?

You can access the internet in three ways:

  • From the PCs in the public rooms. The access code you will need can be obtained from the information desk. The first hour is free of charge; each additional hour costs CHF 4.
  • From your own device via WLAN. The password can be obtained from the information desk.
  • From your own device using your university's UNI-Login/VPN software.

Which databases can I access in the NL?

For an overview of databases that are accessible in the NL, see the following list:

Can I find digital documents in the NL?

The NL provides access to documents that were either born-digital or retro-digitised. They can be found in the e-Helvetica database. For copyright reasons, some documents can only be consulted at the NL. Digital publications are also listed in the online catalogue Helveticat, with a link to e-Helvetica.

How do I consult freely accessible e-Helvetica?

E-Helvetica that are not subject to copyright can be accessed online. All you need to do is accept the Regulations on the Use of the Swiss National Library. To do this, click on the "I agree" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the page. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat this action until the button disappears. You can then open the file via the link and view the document.

Where can I listen to audio documents from the Swiss National Sound Archives?

You can listen to audio documents from the National Sound Archives that have already been digitised from all the PC terminals in the public rooms of the NL.

Do I have access to audiovisual documents?

Visual materials and posters can be found online via the HelveticArchives database and the Swiss Poster Collection catalogue. On site at the NL, you have access to copyright content from the National Sound Archives, the Memobase portal and IMVOCS (Images et Voix de la Culture Suisse).

Can I print out documents?

You can print documents from the PCs in the public rooms and from a USB stick. A black-and-white and a colour printer are available. Printouts cost CHF 0.20 per A4 page b/w, CHF 1.00 per A4 page colour.